Oxford Dictionary, defines soft skills as follow “Personal attributes that enable someone to interact effectively and harmoniously with other people.”

What does "Soft skills" means ?

Soft Skills are personal intangible attitudes that enable someone to show case his talents, & interact effectively. Those non-technical abilities can’t be just learnt but it’s depends also on people behavior & mindset.

Today, soft skills becomes the difference between adequate employee, or ideal employee. All worldwide respectful companies are now looking for this developer- future leader, who has the qualities to learn, grow in his role & showcase his talents.

If you want to be different, & shine in your world, start analyzing your soft skills…. Now ;)

How to learn "Soft skills" ?

Learning soft skills are not easy as technical abilities, but they all can certainly be developed & improved over time by hacking the mindset.

Top 5 recommended Soft Skills for developers:

·       Communication: Effective communication is one of life key success, you can’t excel in your role if you’re & be a bad communicator.

As a developer, whatever genius idea you have, you can’t convince your boss if you don’t pay attention about your way of communication, expressions, & words.

To communicate effectively, keep in mind those few tips:

·       Get attention by speaking loudly, clearly, with conviction & using simple word.

·       Don’t interrupt conversations, listen to them carefully take notes & give feedback at every points once the person finish his speech.

·       Listen to the person with whom you’re in conversation & keep eye contact

·       Teamwork: one of the mottos i’ve learnt from my idol (my boss) is “If you want to go fast go alone, if you want to go further go together”

So, whatever your position in the company, nothing can be achievable if you’re not able to work with others, & others means different attitudes, behaviors that you need to face.

Stay Zen, be empathic & don’t under-estimated your colleague ideas & work.

·       Problem- Solving: Actually, this means how to get things done & stop struggling in the way it happened.

Steps to take to be a problem – solver are:

·       Identify the problem / issue

·       Forget about whom responsibility, focus & go to action

·       Research & think creatively to discover new solutions

·       Communicate the solution & logic you think it’s relevant

·       Never under-estimate your ideas & thoughts

·       Take the decision & assume your choices

·       Flexibility: for both your body & psychology health, this is one of the important skills a developer need to have.

In professional world, mainly startup, priorities & missions change every day. When we have this ability to accept change & new task, we go into the new challenge calmly & without stress & fuss.

So for less stress, improve your flexibility :D

·       Leadership: Leading by example & share knowledge you have with your colleague