In this Article we will introduce a new library for building native desktop applications with JavaScript and CSS.


What is NodeGui and React NodeGUI?

NodeGUI is an open source library for building cross platform native desktop applications with JavaScript and powerful CSS (including inline-style and Cascading Sheets).

NodeGui apps can run on Mac, Windows, and Linux from a single codebase. It’s a library that combines the powers of Node.js (N-API) and QT (and NOT chromium) into a single packaging. hence it is memory and cpu efficient.

What? wait! What is QT?

QT is a cross-platform C++ application development framework for desktop and various other platforms.

This means applications written using NodeGUI DO NOT open up a browser instance and render the UI in it, instead all the widgets are natively rendered.

React NodeGUI?


React NodeGUI is a custom react renderer for NodeGui. React NodeGUI combines the power and flexibility of React with ease of NodeJs and maturity of Qt5. With react nodegui you have complete access to all React APIs including hooks.See more

What are the key features of NodeGuiJS?

Assuming the above definition have solved your query on what is NodeGui, let’s move onto its features.


  • It allows full CSS usage including actual cascading. You can do things like pseudo selectors.
  • Everything that QT stylesheet supports basically (and QT stylesheet is very powerful).
  • Low CPU and memory footprint.
  • Complete Nodejs api support.
  • Native widget event listener support. supports all event available from Qt / NodeJs.

What you can do with it?

You can do pretty much anything you do with NodeJS.


It's very recent, and it's currently actively updated. You don't have a CLI here, so you have to clone an empty repository to start and app packaging isn't available till writing this article!

No more talk! lets dev a peace of code!

Here we gonna see an example of React NodeGui

Easy, isn't it! If you already have some experience in react this will look very familiar to you!


If you want to dive deeper into NodeGui/React nodeGui and see what they working on check out this link NodeGui

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