« From DevOps to RevOps »

In most respectful software engineering companies, DevOps is not a role or a process, there is not a specific person responsible of it, DevOps is more than that ….. it’s a culture, a culture that put first collaboration, autonomy, human interactions, & working together on a common goal.

That said we have adapted DevOps to drive from revenue to operations & getting all circles (departments) working together for a common goal which is : customer success & satisfaction in every touchpoints, & yeah it makes sense, for us, there is no way that the Marketing team celebrating theirs goals achievement, while the customer success or engineering team are not , the success need to be celebrated between all circles & together!

We truly believe in DevOps culture, and we have thought earlier about how to take advantages from engineering team methodology & philosophy & adapt it to our concept, i means there are for sure many benefits by incorporation it to the non-engineering team, that’s seems attracting right?

While brainstorming & searching about that, i discovered something called “RevOps Framework” which has been developed as a solution of this common problem in Software Engineering companies.

So what’s “RevOps” ? :

RevOps is a new organizations framework that drives growth through operational efficiency across the customer life cycle, all of that by making those teams working together for customer satisfaction.

RevOps uses alignment, focus & data-based decision making to drive growth by increasing capacity, reducing execution & operating time .

So for us it was great, the world has changed, and there is no barriers for customers satisfaction, all team needs to be involved in the customer lifecycle from Marketing team, engineering & delivery….etc , it’s an infinite loop where the team operate across, we define it in xHub as our “SMarketing Lean Loop” .

This “SMarketing Lean Loop” is simply all the final customer touchpoints from the day he was only a “visitor” to becoming “Brand Advocate” or referral, starting from “Lead generation” which is mainly from other referrals to Loyalty which drives to growth :

So what should the RevOps culture in our organization consist of?

RevOps has four building pillars to focus on:

·      People: the team representing RevOps is the center of growth & revenue-driving processes

·      Processes: Processes are important to reduce friction, define roles & interactions in every process & also automate the basics workflows, but it’s not supposed to kill creativity, innovation of the collaborators, it must only help people to focus on more complicated tasks & draft the usual ones ;)

·      Tools: Scaling needs for sure to migrate data, a solid infrastructure that helps our team automate the maximum they can & handle other requirements without being an obstacle in the process

·      Analytics: raising visibility with full transparency across data is required for a sustainable growth