As you may know, one of the xHub values, is sharing knowledge, it's our DNA. That's why xHub supports many actions and initiatives that's aims to the same goal.

One of this actions, is Devoxx4Kids which is an international NGO that aims to:

  • Teach children Computer Programming while having fun and introduce them to concepts of robotics, electronics and generally being creative with these kind of devices.

  • Inspire not only children but also the classical education system, so they too can start including computer science in their curriculum.

  • Demystify programming for girls and introduce them to computer science in order to improve gender equality in that field.

Devoxx4kids Morocco is the Moroccan chapter, that I'm proud to be part of, as a Mentor (And designer sometime :p ).

We did a great job this year. A tour that covered a lot of Moroccan cities, and some far areas in the mountains where one of the workshops was discovering the laptop.

With more than 204 workshop and 408 hour of code (Mainly Scratch), Devoxx4kids Morocco have initiated more than 2800 kids about robotic and programming. A number that we are proud of, and push us to work and give more to enable the access to programming and robotics for every Moroccan kid.

This summer, and for the first time, Devoxx4kids Morocco lunched the Smart Summer Camp. It's about an intensives workshops (5 days a week) concerning :

  • Monday : Electronics
  • Tuesday : Robotic ( Maindstorm, Mbot, Mecano ...)
  • Wednesday : Programming - Scratch
  • Thursday : Graphic design / Personal development
  • Friday : Virtual Reality

Today was the end of the camp, with a competition between three genius participants who have passed the camp. The competition was divided into two parts :

  1. Programming using Scratch : The participants made three programs, a program that guess the number choose by a user, a game where a fish fellow the mouse to eat other fishes and a labyrinth game.

  2. Robotic : Program a Line follower using the mindstorm robot.

The team was very amazed by level of the results, and the quality of the work that the kids made, the way they explain their programs, and how much they are passionate (Some of them cried when he lost some line of codes, at the end other cried when he didn't win the competition, so emotional moments, but in our eyes, all of them are champions).

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It's such a great pleasure to see the joy in those kids eyes while programming, and to see how big the impact of our actions on the Moroccan kids future. All of that make us proud of this amazing NGO and the great work done by its team for enabling the tech learning for the future generation.

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The best is yet to come, Stay tuned ;)