When I was at college, I've always wondered what it feels like to be in the other side of the room, facing the other way: to be the teacher; I've also wondered if I'd be any good, if I could do it better.

Few months ago, our Hanae EL BOUYOUSFI leader of Devoxx4Kids Morocco, came to me and ask me if I'd like to be part of the team leaving for Mdieq as part of the tour, and explained the whole thing to me. I was both excited and concerned, excited because I've always dreamed of such opportunity, and concerned because I had no idea how to do it or how to start.

The idea is simple, we go to the chosen school, and we teach kids about Computer Programming and robotics in the most simple and fun way possible. The challenge for me was to make sure they retain at least 30% of what we were about to teach them. Luckily, I had my teammates with me, to help me start and to make things less awkward for me xD .

The moment we entered that classroom and saw those happy kids, all my concerns were already gone, and my excitement grow bigger, and I finally felt what it is like to be a teacher, I felt that huge responsibility, those kids are expecting something from you; for them Computer Programming is magic and we are wizards. You have to show them some magic or else they will be disappointed, and that's exactly what we did, except that this time we revealed our magic tricks and let them participate too; and for me, it was success!

It's a happy moment when you ask the kids questions about what they learned from you and you see that they did understand, it's even a happier moment when they ask questions about things you didn't even say or forgot to mention, it shows their interest, and that they loved what they've learnt.

For me, my first Devoxx4Kids Morocco experience was a big success, the smiles and the "Thank you, sir" from those little kids meant really a lot to me, and I hope I succeeded in inspiring some of them.