Devoxx France 2018 was held on April 18-20 in Paris, and it was my first time at a Devoxx outside Morocco and my first visit to Paris as well.

I had a lot of fun with my fellows Hanae EL BOUYOUSFI, Imane Akly, and Amine hakkou, learned many new things, made a list of some very cool ideas to check for to implement in our xHub booth, and most importantly I met many community friends.

The conference was extremely important for me, for many reasons :

  • It's an opportunity for me to see how others Devoxx is organized in general, since I'm part of the organizing team of Devoxx Morocco.
  • Meet and exchange with the attendees, invite them to join us next DevoxxMa November 2018, since some of them were not aware that there is Devoxx in Morocco :D
  • Invite the Speakers to sunny Morocco, by applying to our CFP that will be opened May 28th.
  • And of course having the chance to enjoy the city, since it was sunny in Paris during the week ;)

There is a lot to say about this trip, but to not annoying you, I'll sum-up, and give the big highlights.

DevoxxFR Exhibitors floor

Once arrived the first day in Devoxx France, I was amazed by the exhibitor's floor of the conference, the huge number of high-quality companies, like Microsoft, Eclipse, Github, Spring, jFrog ... Startups and local companies/banks like Axa France, Banque de France ..., what I liked the most, that everyone talking some language: Microservices, APIs, reactive streams...

Kafka, Kafka, Kafka ...

We had the chance to meet Florent Ramière in Confluent booth, which is specialized in making streaming platform powered by Apache Kafka to help companies harness their high volume real-time data streams. Since the demand become huge on this technology, and we started using it in a lot of projects at xHub, it was extremely important for me to know more about and get to meet experts in this technology.

During the conference, i had the chance to attend this talk, that i found as a very good initiation for Apache Kafka ecosystem by Florent Ramière :

I also had the chance to attend a talk about Monitoring Kafka and received a signed book at the end of the session.
Most of the time we thought about using Kafka, but when it's on production, how to monitor it ? By Gwen Shapira and Xavier Léauté, both of them are from Confluent.


DevoxxFr Coup de coeur : Le jaillissement de l'esprit

We had a great moment with the Blanc family, where Sébastien Blanc and his daughter Saskia Blanc made a wonderful and refreshing presentation about how children discover the joy of programming (Logo, Scratch and even Groovy).

Les Cast Codeurs

Finally, last session in the conference. One hour of fun with Les Cast Codeurs !